Aria Borealis Prisutdeling

Vi åpner dørene for alle som ønsker å ta del i den store begivenheten når vinneren av Aria Borealis Bodø 2022 skal kåres. Gratis inngang. Tittel Start Slutt Sted Tittel Aria Borealis Prisutdeling Start lørdag 2. juli 2022 18:30 Slutt 2. juli 2022 19:00 Sted Store Sal Les mer

lørdag 2. juli 2022 18:30 torsdag 1. jan 1970 01:00 Store Sal
02.07.202218:30 Frida Bringslimark


Dag 1 2. juli 2022 18:30:00 - 19:00:00RSted Store Sal Kategori Annet

The audience in the great hall and those watching from home, will decide who is winning the audience award. Aditionally both the jury and the four NBS-orchestras will be chosing their winners. Who will convince you the most?

Lets celebrate the winner and gather for a fantastic musical experience! You are all welcome. 

Free entrance - you don't need a ticket. 

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