For a whole week, young aspiring musicians come together for playful music making under the guidance of violinist Bjarte Eike, trumpeter Mark Bennett and a handful of musicians from Barokkanerne. Tittel Start Slutt Tittel UngBarokk Start fredag 1. juli 2022 20:00 Slutt 1. juli 2022 21:30 Les mer

fredag 1. juli 2022 20:00 torsdag 1. jan 1970 01:00
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01.07.202220:00 Frida Bringslimark


Dag 1 1. juli 2022 20:00:00 - 21:30:00RKategori Annet

To get a feeling for the swinging joy of Early Music, the performers will also try their hand at improvisation, elements from folk music and Baroque dance. Get a taste of their youthful artistry when they present the results of their hard work and fun play in Stormen’s great hall.

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