Public Piano

2018-07-0509:29 Benedicte Kilvær Eilertsen

Have you ever walked through an airport, or any public space in Europe, or even Central Park i New York – and seen or heard a grand piano being played? You've most likely stumbled upon a public piano.

Public pianos, or "parked pianos" as they are called in Scandinavia, are becoming increasingly common in these regions. Stormen Concert Hall is the proud residence of the first public piano in the Arctic.

This grand piano, with the mission of making music playable and enjoyable for everyone, is available for anyone who wants to play. Young and old, amateurs and professionals. The piano is parked at Stormen by JM Norway and the Norwegian bank Sparebank 1. They concluded that the first iconic Arctic Public Piano had to be in the concert hall.

Whether you are an aspiring pianist or musician and would love to play in front of a random audience, or just curious about playing the piano – our grand piano awaits!

The piano is situated in the main hall near the entrance and the ticket office of the concert hall. Normal opening hours will apply.