Information for Participants

22.06.202210:26 Frida Bringslimark


Get your badge at the Info Desk. With your ABB badge, you can see, via the QR code, your personal daily schedule.



Lunches are on the 5th floor Foaje 11:30-13:30, Dinners 25, 26 at Bjørk as of 27th at Brødrene Berbusmel 5pm-7pm, if you have signed up, no need to pay.  if you haven't then lunch costs 900KR, dinner 1800 KR (tbc).

Final dinner (banquet) is in the Lille sal.


You can see this info in your daily schedule (accessible via the QR code on your badge).


Concerts during Festival:

You receive free tickets to all concerts taking place during the festival. Simply go to the front desk and give your name to receive tickets for concerts you wish to attend. The complete programme is listed starting on this webpage


Warm-up/rehearsal rooms:

Sign up at the Info Desk to reserve your warm-up room on the sheets provided. They are on the 3rd floor (Øverom 4 to 7, plus a few additional rooms tbc). Singers have first priority, as they must compete, so please bear this in mind and be flexible and accommodating.



The country code for Norway is +47


Use the ABB Facebook page's messenger to contact us at the help desk. We are “in” from 9am-8pm CET)


Facebook group


Video prize 

Have you joined the ABB Facebook group? If not, do it now! This is your space to communicate with all other participants and with your friendly Stormen Info Desk team. Share thoughts, ask questions but also post your video impressions of Bodo!


The best participant videos we will put on the public ABB Facebook page where you can share them with all your friends around the world. Be sure to do that, because the video which receives the most “likes” before 30 June wins a prize, a smartphone gambit stabilizer!


Please pro-actively share posts from the public page with your friends/colleagues!



Phone: +47 07550

App :   Taxifix



Emergency & Medical Needs:

In case of emergency, remain calm and call 113


If you are in need of medical help / advice, call the local emergency service at 116 117


Bodø Legevakt/emergency room is at Plassmyrveien 13, 8008 Bodø,  Tel: 116 117,

Emergency dentist Sat./Sun.: Tel: +47 911 99 730


Pharmacy locations & hours:

Vitusapotek Mon-Fri 09.00-18.00, Sat 10-15

Boots Mon-Fri 08.30-17.00, Sat 10-15

There are pharmacies further away which are open until 19:00hrs. and 21:00hrs.

Over the counter painkillers are available from all grocery stores.

There is a 24-hour store located at Sjøgata 27



Extra, optional activities:

Sign up before 12:00hrs Thursday 30 June to perform on Friday's "Open Stage" concert.


Sign up for the Keiservarden hike by lastest 18:00hrs. 28 June. Maximum capacity is 50 persons. The bus will leave at 20:00 , 28th June. Show up 19:45 from outside the concert hall, to your left side when you stand in front of the entrance (in between the library and the concert hall).


Come on our light walking trip to Keiservarden, a real classic for the people of Bodø. This mountain plateau is Bodø’s most visited year-round hiking destination and is renowned for the wonderful views of the city and the sea. Keiservarden is also one of the best places to see both the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights.



Boat trip 1 July - if you signed up for this activity, meet at main entrance of Stormen Concert Hall at 9:30pm. While you should be ready for a range of temperatures, do dress warmly. A cover-all to protect you from the wet will be provided.