Summer rehearsals at Sinus

Stormen are offering free rehearsal venues for bands from Bodø this summer, with the opportunity to play concerts at sinus during the summer!

1970-01-0100:00 Eline Christine Aunmo

Rasmus Adrian and Svein Bjørhusdal have good reason to look forward to the period ahead. They will open Sinus as a free rehearsal and concert venue for local bands and artists throughout the summer.

For many bands, it is challenging to find room to practice in, at the same time as the infection control rules must be abided. The rehearsal rooms for the music line at Bodø VGS are closed because they are too small. There is plenty of space at Stormen, and Bjørhusdal takes on the double role of both infection control and event manager.

- I will be with the bands and artists at all times when they are here. We set up a fixed backline, and will have exercises approx. starting at. 12:00 to 20:00 Monday to Thursday. Friday is concert day!

Director of Stormen, Rasmus Adrian, believes it is important that Stormen contribute helping the local music community by offering a rehersal venue, and wants to develop a closer collaboration with both bands, artists and clubs.

- We want artists, bands and clubs who want to use Sinus for both rehearsals and concerts to contact us. At the concerts we will sell tickets, and the band / artist will keep all the ticket income. Renting premises will of course be free, Adrian emphasizes.

The new director got off to a slightly different start than anticipated, but is no stranger to thinking new and alternative. He is concerned with utilizing the concert hall's resources in the best possible way, both in terms of rooms and staff.

- We have a fantastic concert hall with beautiful premises! It's a shame if the rooms are to be empty and unused, so here we have to get people in. During the Corona crisis, Stormen has also contributed its resources across the municipality. Among other things, we have taken over the security at Stadiontunet Nursing Home, and produced a seven-hour TV broadcast in collaboration with the May 17 committee. There are many opportunities here, he says.

Mayor Ida Pinnerød has expressed her enthusiasm on her Facebook page:
"Of all the things I am proud of in Bodø, Stormen is one of them. There are so many good, committed and pleasant people working there. Hope that many bands find their way to this offer that great Svein Bjørhusdal and Rasmus start on our Sinus!"

Bands and artists who want to rehearse and play concerts at Sinus this summer, can contact Svein by e-mail 🎤