Infection control measures

We want all our guests to have a good and safe concert experience, and have taken many steps to take care of the audience now that we are reopening.

1970-01-0100:00 Eline Christine Aunmo

At Sinus, Svein wears many hats, and is responsible for events, sound, light, rig and infection control (pjuh!). This way, we reduce the number of employees who will interact with the audience and artists, and take up space on the premises.

In the ticket system, DX has arranged a separate infection control module, which will ensure that there is a good enough distance between all the seats sold. Audiences who come together can sit together - but keep a good distance from other fellow audience members!

Skilled ticket sellers and audience hosts welcome the audience when entering. Our cleaning personnel does a fantastic job of disinfecting and cleaning door tiles, table surfaces and toilets several times a day, in addition to before and after the concert. In the toilets you will find non-contact soap dispensers, and in every nook and cranny of the house there is hand sanitizer available.

Luckily we have a big house! But we will never take in more people than there is room for, and we will follow all the guidelines from the National Institute of Public Health.

Good experiences are also important for our health, and we look forward to welcoming everyone who wants to come by! ❤️

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