Fargespill – Sommerfuggel i vinterland

If we are to succeed in integrating new groups into society, culture is one of our most important arenas. Immigrants participate to a small extent in cultural activities in Norway, but with Fargespill we want to integrate new groups in society through the community and the joy shared through culture.

2020-09-0712:38 Eline Christine Aunmo

"Fargespill" is a project where we focus on what we have in common. Culture has a unique ability to be unifying, and to erase differences between people. To achieve this, we want to gather participants from different countries and cultures, who together create a diverse and colorful performance by sharing songs and dances across cultures.

Through culture, one finds similarities, common interests and a lot of joy. The project has proven to be both an artistic success in other cities, at the same time as it has had significant positive social consequences in society in general. Now, we want to make it happen in Bodø!

Do you want to participate in Fargespill? Registration here.

Photo: Øyvind Toft


- You're a resource!

Children and youths who are new in Norway have valuable resources, and it is precisely these resources that Fargespill values ​​and wants to emphasize.

- We become what the outside world defines us as. That's how we are made. When you tell someone "you are a resource", they become a resource. It's really incredibly simple, says Ole Hamre.

Ole Hamre and Sissel Saue started Fargespill in 2004 as a commissioned work for Bergen International Festival. This was a performance with children and young people between 7 and 22 years with backgrounds from all over the world. The participants brought music and dance from their home countries which were put together for a fantastic performance.

Fargespill were a great success and have gradually established themselves as a separate foundation and put on performances not only in Bergen, but several places in the country. Now Fargespill comes to Stormen Konserthus after having sold out, among other things, Grieg Hall several times.

Fargespill Bodø

Fargespill Bodø is a collaborative project between the Norwegian Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra, the Nordnorsk jazzsenter, Bodø Rhythm Group, Stormen Library and Norwegian People's Aid, and is organized under Stormen Concert Hall. It is also part of European Capital of Culture, Bodø 2024.

Arctic Philharmonic and Bodø Rhythm Group pose as artistic resources together with music teacher Arnfinn Bergrabb and singer Thale Krogtoft. Cecilie Haugseth is in charge of choreography and is responsible for dance training.

The performance is composed of songs and dances the participants bring with them from their own culture and homeland, at the same time as they get to learn songs and dances from the Norwegian music tradition.

Information in عربىtigrinja and türk.

Do you want to participate in Fargespill?

We are looking for youths between 7–22 years with a background from, or good knowledge of, other cultures and who loves to sing and dance. You must have a desire to teach what you know from your own culture, and at the same time be willing to learn something new from other cultures you do not know in advance.

Does this sound exciting for you?
Register here or contact our project manager, Alice Sivertsen, by email alice.sivertsen@stormen.no.

Practical information:

  • The rehearsals take place every Tuesday in Stormen Concert Hall, starting September 15.
  • On June 12, 2021, the performance will be staged in the concert hall.
  • Language should not be an obstacle for understanding and unfolding the project, so we will provide translators and information in relevant languages.
  • We arrange a ride to practice from the student's school, and back.
  • Parents who want to are most welcome to help with the project - we have work assignments for the adults as well.
  • Of course it is free to participate!
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