Camilo Delgado Díaz - Voyage Baroque

Camilo Delgado Díaz
Voyage Baroque

17.06.202212:35 Frida Bringslimark

José Marín 


“Mi señora Mariantaños” 


“Ojos, pues m Voyage Baroque’ e desdeñáis”  


Efraín Orozco 



“El regreso” 


Pierre Guédron 



“Si jamais mon ame blesse” 


Jean-Baptiste Lully 


“Nous pouvons nous flatter de l'espoir le plus doux” from the opera Atys 


Georg Friedrich Handel 



“Comfort ye...Ev’ry Valley” from the oratorio Messiah 


Alessandro Scarlatti 


Agitata da fiera procella from the opera Griselda 




Voyage Baroque in the words of Camilo Delgado Díaz 


My passion for European baroque music gave birth to this programme. It may seem strange that someone such as I, from another continent with a different culture, would be interested in performing this music. However, the beauty of this period in classical music sparked a desire to understand and interpret it myself.  

In this programme, we'll take a little journey across the European continent. I wanted to include a variety of languages, starting with my mother tongue. We begin with „tonos humanos“ (“human tones”), a term of the Spanish golden age. These speak of love, like almost all secular music of the time, as opposed to the words of the „divine tones“. A folk song by the Colombian composer Efraín Orozco follows, called El Regreso (The Homecoming). As an immigrant myself, I always have in my mind the thought of returning to my homeland. But the journey must continue onwards. Next to France with an “air de cour” by Pierre Guédron and an aria from the opera Atys by Jean-Baptiste Lully. After that, a pan-European piece composed in England by a German composer (G.F. Händel) which premiered in Dublin, Ireland. This aria, "Every Valley" from the Messiah, is so well-known it needs no introduction. Our journey ends in Italy with an aria by Alessandro Scarlatti from the opera Griselda, the last of his operas to have been totally preserved. This aria is not about love, but rather a song filled with conflicting feelings of confusion and empathy, offering consolation to a mother about to lose her son by order of the king of Sicily.  





About the ensemble

Nordic Baroque Scene (NBS) is a collaboration project by four Nordic baroque orchestras from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


Barokkanerne from Oslo, Concerto Copenhagen (CoCo), Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble from Stockholm and Finnish Baroque Orchestra (FiBO) from Helsinki have come together to strengthen the Nordic Baroque scene through novel and ambitious projects like Aria Borealis Bodø.


In this concert you’ll meet the following musicians from Nordic Baroque Scene:


Fredrik From, baroque violin & artistic leader (CoCo)

Aira Maria Lehtipuu, baroque violin (FiBO)

Minna Kangas, baroque violin (FiBO)

Anthony Marini, baroque violin (FiBO)

Gabriel Bania, baroque viola (CoCo)

Judith-Maria Blomsterberg, baroque cello (CoCo)

Gunnar Hauge, baroque cello (Barokkanerne)

Olof Larsson, violone (DBE)

Fredrik Bock, lute, theorbo & baroque guitar (CoCo)

Tineke Steenbrink, Harpsichord & organ (CoCo)

Pauliina Fred, traverso & recorder (FiBO)

Olle Torssander, traverso & recorder (DBE)

Anna Starr, baroque oboe (Barokkanerne)

Piia Henriikka Maunula, baroque oboe (FiBO)




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