Franko Klisović - Love on the Edge of the Ice 

Franko Klisović 

Love on the Edge of the Ice 

20.06.202213:53 Frida Bringslimark

G. F. Händel  

(1685 – 1759) 

Disinganno’s aria: “Crede l’uom“ from Il trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno  



C. Monteverdi  

(1567 – 1643)  


“Con che soavità“ from 7th Book of Madrigals  



H. Purcell  

(1659 – 1695)  



“Cold song” from King Arthur  


J. Gotovac  

(1895 – 1982)  


“O, zašto smo se sreli!“ Folk song  




G. F Händel 

 (1685 – 1759)  



Teseo’s aria: “Salda quercia in erta balza“ from Arianna in Creta  





Franko’s programme as described in his own words: 


In the following lines I will try to at least textually connect arias and songs that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, except for me. The name of my program is Love on the Edge of the Ice and the most important link of every composition is love. This program also provides a wide range of opportunities for the singer. There are many stunts: florid passages, legato phrases, a wide vocal range, a slightly more romantic sound in a folk song, calm phrases with very little voice and the possibility of changing vocal colours in each composition. I chose works from those who might be considered to be “the greatest” baroque composers: Englishman Henry Purcell, Italian Claudio Monteverdi and German/Englishman Georg Friedrich Händel. Their compositions, one after the other, shape a love story through a whirlwind of emotions: Infatuation, disappointment, sadness, anger, remorse, liberation and finally catharsis.  


Program description  


“The man believes that he rests when he spreads his mysterious wings” sings Disinganno in the aria “Crede l’uom“. Yet when the insincere intentions of the heart are revealed, everything that once seemed so real alters. All the joys, pleasures and moments of happiness are nullified by each other in the madrigal “Con che soavità“. Soft lips and lovely kisses become just a memory, sadness freezes the heart and Purcell's song envelops him with ice. Every movement is pain, every breath is victory, death becomes desire and repentance is the only deliverance. Why? Why did we meet? Why didn't we just pass by like two boats in the middle of the ocean? Indeed, it was a brief encounter, but a huge lesson. Two boats passed by! One disappeared in the fog, without a trace, carried away by the song of J. Gotovac “Oh, why did we meet“, and the other was pushed by the strong wind of the furious aria “Salda quercia in erta balza“ and arrived in a quiet harbor. Invincible, fearless and unsinkable is the heart that sailed like that! Now it is really resting. Its wings are no longer shrouded in a veil of secrecy and are no longer just spread out. They are now in flight! 




About the ensemble

Nordic Baroque Scene (NBS) is a collaboration project by four Nordic baroque orchestras from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


Barokkanerne from Oslo, Concerto Copenhagen (CoCo), Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble from Stockholm and Finnish Baroque Orchestra (FiBO) from Helsinki have come together to strengthen the Nordic Baroque scene through novel and ambitious projects like Aria Borealis Bodø.


In this concert you’ll meet the following musicians from Nordic Baroque Scene:


Anthony Marini, baroque violin & artistic leader (FiBO)

Minna Kangas, baroque violin (FiBO)

Aira Maria Lehtipuu, baroque violin (FiBO)

Laura Kajander, baroque viola (FiBO)

Mime Brinkmann, baroque cello (DBE)

Olof Larsson, violone (DBE)

Thomas Boysen, lute, theorbo & baroque guitar (Barokkanerne)

Björn Gäfvert, Harpsichord & organ (DBE)

Pauliina Fred, traverso & recorder (FiBO)

Olle Torssander, traverso & recorder (DBE)

Anna Starr, baroque oboe (Barokkanerne)

Piia Henriikka Maunula, baroque oboe (FiBO)




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