Johanna Rosa Falkinger - Follia di passione 

Johanna Rosa Falkinger 

Follia di passione 

20.06.202213:58 Frida Bringslimark

J. Ph. Rameau 


„Viens, hymen“ from Les Indes Galantes 


Barbara Strozzi 


Op. 2, 16 “L´amante segreto”  


B.S. anonymous  

17th C.? 

„Punisci mi ancor di piú“ 


J. A. Hasse 


“O placido il mare” from Siroe, re di Persia 


Folk song  

“Aufd Wulda” 



Follia di passione by Johanna Rosa Falkinger 


Some early music needs to be understood to be appreciated, but other works touch you immediately. For this programme, I chose music that affects me directly. Even if the composer and the librettist lived over 300 years ago, these pieces ignite feelings with which I can completely identify. 

 Let’s take the feeling “passion”.  Although passion can drive you crazy if you let it, it is passion that we musicians want to bring to the stage. We need passion in our lives – it feeds our creativity!  

There are many ways to express passion. Myriad composers and librettists from the 17h and 18th century (mostly male) show us incredibly passionate women, women whose passion ultimately drives them mad. For example, Inca-princes Phani from J.P.Rameau´s Les indes galantes gives us an intimate glimpse of her ardent dreams with the fragile aria “Viens hymen”, accompanied only by traverso and violin.  Hiding feelings might also drive one crazy: In her cantata “L´amante segreto”, composer Barbara Strozzi describes a person too shy to show his passion to his beloved.  

The third piece in the programme is inspired by anonymous composer B.S.. I arranged it myself and the audience may guess who is behind the mysterious initials. In J.A. Hasses Opera Siroe, re di persia, the mistress Laodice sings a mad coloratura aria full of power. I finish the concert with the Upper Austrian folksong „Auf d Wuida“. This passionate yet melancholy piece on the longing for home is from my own homeland - we all seem to be a bit crazy there! 




About the ensemble

Nordic Baroque Scene (NBS) is a collaboration project by four Nordic baroque orchestras from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


Barokkanerne from Oslo, Concerto Copenhagen (CoCo), Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble from Stockholm and Finnish Baroque Orchestra (FiBO) from Helsinki have come together to strengthen the Nordic Baroque scene through novel and ambitious projects like Aria Borealis Bodø.


In this concert you’ll meet the following musicians from Nordic Baroque Scene:


Anthony Marini, baroque violin & artistic leader (FiBO)

Minna Kangas, baroque violin (FiBO)

Aira Maria Lehtipuu, baroque violin (FiBO)

Laura Kajander, baroque viola (FiBO)

Mime Brinkmann, baroque cello (DBE)

Olof Larsson, violone (DBE)

Thomas Boysen, lute, theorbo & baroque guitar (Barokkanerne)

Björn Gäfvert, Harpsichord & organ (DBE)

Pauliina Fred, traverso & recorder (FiBO)

Olle Torssander, traverso & recorder (DBE)

Anna Starr, baroque oboe (Barokkanerne)

Piia Henriikka Maunula, baroque oboe (FiBO)




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