Jorge Armando Martínez Escutia - Baroque Borderlines

Jorge Armando Martínez Escutia 

Baroque Borderlines


20.06.202213:59 Frida Bringslimark

Georg Philipp Telemann 


Selections from the opera Orpheus: 

„Tra speranza, e tra timore“ 

„Ruhet ihr Foltern gemarterter Seelen!“ 

Claudio Monteverdi 


Selections from the opera L'Orfeo: 

      “Rosa del ciel” 

      “Vi ricorda o boschi ombrosi” 


Michel Lambert 



«Goûtons un doux repos” 


Folk song 

“La Llorona” 

Baroque Borderlines in the words of Jorge Armando Martínez Escutia 

Baroque Borderlines explores the most extreme limits of music, not only temporal and spatial, or stylistic and vocal, but above all the psychological and emotional limits. 

In this programme, we have the case of two great works with Orfeo as the protagonist: 
One with music by Claudio Monteverdi and the other with music by G. Ph. Telemann. Both share the same character and a similar story, however the psychological context is different. The first, by Monteverdi and composed in the early 17th century, shows us a virtuoso Orfeo, for example in 'Rosa del Ciel', with his practically divine skills reciting a speech of love, desire and happiness towards Euridice. The second, composed in the 18th century, shows us, in 'Tra speranza e tra timore', a doubtful Orfeo, fearful of the circumstances in which destiny has placed him. 

The penultimate piece of the program, ‘Goûtons un doux repos’ by M. Lambert, takes us to the France of Louis XIV. Its musical simplicity expresses great emotional complexity: a contradictory mix of the pain of love together with the ironic meaninglessness of not loving. 

The last piece on the program, 'La llorona', is a traditional song from southern Mexico. Its characteristic pasacaglia bass gives shows of the survival of baroque influences in Mexican folk music. Its form, quite similar to the Spanish ‘son’ of the 17th century, is a clear sign of the cultural intermingling that has always formed the cultural identity of Mexico.  




About the ensemble

Nordic Baroque Scene (NBS) is a collaboration project by four Nordic baroque orchestras from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


Barokkanerne from Oslo, Concerto Copenhagen (CoCo), Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble from Stockholm and Finnish Baroque Orchestra (FiBO) from Helsinki have come together to strengthen the Nordic Baroque scene through novel and ambitious projects like Aria Borealis Bodø.


In this concert you’ll meet the following musicians from Nordic Baroque Scene:


Anthony Marini, baroque violin & artistic leader (FiBO)

Minna Kangas, baroque violin (FiBO)

Aira Maria Lehtipuu, baroque violin (FiBO)

Laura Kajander, baroque viola (FiBO)

Mime Brinkmann, baroque cello (DBE)

Olof Larsson, violone (DBE)

Thomas Boysen, lute, theorbo & baroque guitar (Barokkanerne)

Björn Gäfvert, Harpsichord & organ (DBE)

Pauliina Fred, traverso & recorder (FiBO)

Olle Torssander, traverso & recorder (DBE)

Anna Starr, baroque oboe (Barokkanerne)

Piia Henriikka Maunula, baroque oboe (FiBO)




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