Paulina Francisco - Ave Suavis Dilectio: Devotion though 17th-century Music  

Paulina Francisco   

Ave Suavis Dilectio: Devotion though 17th-century Music  


20.06.202214:07 Frida Bringslimark

Francesca Caccini 

1587- after 1641  


“Maria, dolce maria”  


Isabella Leonarda 


“Salve o praeclara”  

“Ave suavis dilectio”  



Dietrich Buxtehude 



“Herr, wenn ich nur dich habe”  



Folk song (Scottish)  

“The Parting Glass”   






Paulina Francisco describes her programme:  


These first three pieces in this collection of sacred chamber music from the 17th century are settings of independent devotional poetry, not derived from chant, psalm, or scripture. “Maria, dolce maria” a sacred monody published in Francesca Caccini’s Il primo libro delle musiche in 1618. Francesca, the daughter of pedagogue-composer Giulio Caccini, was raised in the vibrant musical culture of the Medici court in Florence. Francesca was a celebrated composer and pedagogue in her own right, eventually rising to be the highest paid musician at the court. Her first and only extant collection of monodies contains 36 pieces, the majority of which are sacred with Italian texts, “Maria, dolce Maria” among them. “Salve o praeclara” and “Ave suavis dilectio” come from the prolific body of repertoire composed by Isabella Leonarda, an Urseline nun who spent most of her life in the Collegio di Sant’Orsola in Novara in the second half of the seventeenth century. Devotion to Maria is the subject of both Caccini’s “Maria, dolce Mariaand Leonarda’s “Salve o praeclara”. The first celebrates the name “Maria” as a symbol of rapture and adoration. The second gives praise and thanksgiving for her as mother, advocate, and intercessor.   

“Ave suavis dilectio” celebrates Christ’s satiating and fulfilling gifts . The poetry is playful, full of euphony such as “cibus cibans” (filling food), “mensa immensa” (immense table), and “si sitio tu satias (if I thirst, you satiate).   


Dietrich Buxtehude’s Herr, wenn ich nur dich habe, is a German setting of Psalm 73: 25-26, scored for soprano, two violins and continuo. The text is an outpouring of comfort in the love of Christ and hope in the prospect of eternal life. The bright and uplifting passages in the violins express the hope that ultimately results from the profound nature of the text.   


Whether the religious tradition of this music is relevant to you or not, I hope these pieces bring you to consider the daily lives of early-modern people and musicians. Several pieces on this program, in particular those by Caccini and Leonarda, are unlikely to have been heard during a church service, and are, for me, the most intriguing. I wonder whose witty, creative mind developed the texts; under what circumstances and in what spaces they would have been performed; and whether any audience at all heard them during the composer’s lifetime. Each text alludes to wonder and joy, both of which I experience through music and the texts. I hope we’ll experience this wonder and joy together.   





About the ensemble

Nordic Baroque Scene (NBS) is a collaboration project by four Nordic baroque orchestras from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


Barokkanerne from Oslo, Concerto Copenhagen (CoCo), Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble from Stockholm and Finnish Baroque Orchestra (FiBO) from Helsinki have come together to strengthen the Nordic Baroque scene through novel and ambitious projects like Aria Borealis Bodø.


In this concert you’ll meet the following musicians from Nordic Baroque Scene:


Fredrik From, baroque violin & artistic leader (CoCo)

Aira Maria Lehtipuu, baroque violin (FiBO)

Minna Kangas, baroque violin (FiBO)

Anthony Marini, baroque violin (FiBO)

Gabriel Bania, baroque viola (CoCo)

Judith-Maria Blomsterberg, baroque cello (CoCo)

Gunnar Hauge, baroque cello (Barokkanerne)

Olof Larsson, violone (DBE)

Fredrik Bock, lute, theorbo & baroque guitar (CoCo)

Tineke Steenbrink, Harpsichord & organ (CoCo)

Pauliina Fred, traverso & recorder (FiBO)

Olle Torssander, traverso & recorder (DBE)

Anna Starr, baroque oboe (Barokkanerne)

Piia Henriikka Maunula, baroque oboe (FiBO)




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