Alt nå by Eivind Seljeseth

Alt nå is a simulator of the imaginary, guiding you through your own imagination. Tittel Start Slutt Arrangør Sted Tittel Alt nå by Eivind Seljeseth Start lørdag 5. sept 2020 18:00 Slutt 5. sept 2020 19:00 Arrangør Bodø Biennale Sted Lille sal Les mer

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2020-09-0518:00 Eline Christine Aunmo


Dag 1 5. sept 2020 18:00 - 19:00RArrangør Bodø Biennale Sted Lille sal

"Imagine closing your eyes. The world is disappearing behind your eyelids and getting dark and still for a moment. Picture yourself in a room. A fairly large room, with a high ceiling and plenty of floor space. Imagine not being alone, but that just like you, others are sitting. In rows with their eyes closed. Listening. If you open your eyes, everything may have changed. Colors, shapes, and sensations may have swapped places and nothing is like it used to be.

As a simulator of the imaginary, Alt nå is guiding you through your own imagination, seeking to emphasize the notion of being singular plural in an interpassive system of textual, auditive and bodily movement material. As in an audio-guide in a museum, a tourist guide in a city or a meditation guide at the office, every audience member is presented with individual text through headphones hanging from the ceiling. 

Ingrid Haakstad, Orfee Schuijt and Mathias Stoltenberg

Sound designer:
Erik Hedin

Light designer:
Martin Myrvold

Choreographer and text:
Eivind Seljeseth

Tale Hendnes

Supported by:
Arts Council Norway, FFUK, The Audio and Visual Fund Norway, Oslo council and Scenekunst Sør. 

For Bodø Biennale supported by:
Arts Council Norway, Nordland County Council.

Co- host.:
Stormen Konserthus