Bodø Biennale 2020

A festival for visual art and dance art. Tittel Start Slutt Arrangør Sted Tittel Bodø Biennale 2020 Start fredag 4. sept 2020 19:30 Slutt 5. sept 2020 19:00 Arrangør Bodø Biennale Sted Stormen Konserthus Les mer

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2020-09-0419:30 Eline Christine Aunmo


Dag 1 4. sept 2020 19:30 - 5. sept 2020 19:00RArrangør Bodø Biennale Sted Stormen Konserthus

The art festival hosts visual art, dance art and interdisciplinary productions in various formats such as; performances, dance performances, art exhibitions, artist talks, debates, architecture and sculpture walks and workshops. Activities are suitable for a wide audience, from small children to adults.



Ticket sales start on Friday 10. July.

Bodø Biennale has three events at Stormen Concert Hall during the festival:

September 4:
Nororoca with Carte Blanche

September 5:
Alt nå by Eivind Seljeseth


You can find the rest of the program and more info about Bodø Biennale here.

We take infection prevention and control seriously, and want to give you a safe experience
At each event, a maximum of 200 participants are allowed, you will have access to hand disinfection, or the possibility of hand washing, and we ensure to comply with the rule of 1 meter distance. For all our events, including free ones, we require registration to have an overview of all participants, in case of a need for tracing infection.

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