Fortunate Sons - Creedencemania 1969

1969 is the year of the moon landing, Woodstock and the Vietnam War. It was also the year of Creedence Clearwater Revival and its three (!!!) albums. Come back to the year of Creedence with Fortunate Sons – Creedencemania: One of the best Creedence cover bands. According to us. Tittel Start Slutt Arrangør Sted Tittel Fortunate Sons - Creedencemania 1969 Start lørdag 2. nov 2019 19:30 Slutt 2. nov 2019 21:00 Arrangør Stormen Konserthus Sted Store sal Les mer

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2019-11-0219:30 Synne Marie Tømmerberg


Dag 1 2. nov 2019 19:30 - 21:00RArrangør Stormen Konserthus Sted Store sal

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