Nordland Visual Theatre: Solace

SOLACE, shelter and support are the topics addressed in the play, narrated in the unique relationship between a child and strange, mysterious figures. Different points of time converge in a desertlike space, reminiscences and flashbacks of a forgotten past flare up, images are created, solely connected by memories. Tittel Start Slutt Arrangør Sted Tittel Nordland Visual Theatre: Solace Start søndag 17. nov 2019 19:00 Slutt 17. nov 2019 20:00 Arrangør Stormen Konserthus Sted Stormen Lille sal Les mer

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2019-11-1719:00 Synne Marie Tømmerberg


Dag 1 17. nov 2019 19:00 - 20:00RArrangør Stormen Konserthus Sted Stormen Lille sal

Mysterious characters will interact with each other on the stage to experience the bodily engagement with theatrical means. This scenic co- existence creates the space for special relations that require to rethink the relationship of power and possible manipulation.

In our current society dominated by dissociation and solitude, consolation, shelter and support became controversial topics. The voiceless and gestural dialogue between the living being and the object begs the question of our own relationship to our solitude and loneliness.