Kalle Urheim: «Luksa/Eastbound»

The artist Kalle Urheim from Hamarøy gets high praise from both the norwegian and sami press and audience, after his release of his debut album «Ruodjo/Sacred breath from the Tundra» in the fall of 2016. In his musical universe Urheim toy with rock, pop, EDM and joik. It's a loving native music inspired by lule sami song and joik traditions. Tittel Start Slutt Arrangør Sted Tittel Kalle Urheim: «Luksa/Eastbound» Start fredag 7. feb 2020 21:30 Slutt 7. feb 2020 23:00 Arrangør Sami Culture Club Sted Sinus Les mer

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2020-02-0721:30 Synne Marie Tømmerberg


Dag 1 7. feb 2020 21:30 - 23:00RArrangør Sami Culture Club Sted Sinus