Lunch concert

Finally the Lunch concerts are back on the menu! It will be a half hour with wonderful music, where you can gather with friends and get to know the musicians of Arctic Philharmonic better. The program won't be announced a head of time and it will vary between solo concerts and bigger ensembles. The Lunch concerts has been a regular tradition for both adults and children. Tittel Start Slutt Arrangør Sted Tittel Lunch concert Start fredag 12. juni 2020 12:00 Slutt 12. juni 2020 12:30 Arrangør Stormen Konserthus Sted Foaje Les mer

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2020-06-1212:00 Synne Marie Tømmerberg


Dag 1 12. juni 2020 12:00 - 12:30RArrangør Stormen Konserthus Sted Foaje

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