Bodø Biennale 2020 invites to SNAKK Bodø where we talk about how art can create alternative narratives about what place development is and should be, how movement can define space, and how artists think and create in / for the public space. Tittel Start Slutt Arrangør Sted Tittel SNAKK Bodø Start lørdag 5. sept 2020 12:00 Slutt 5. sept 2020 15:30 Arrangør Bodø Biennale Sted Store sal Les mer

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2020-09-0512:00 Eline Christine Aunmo


Dag 1 5. sept 2020 12:00 - 15:30RArrangør Bodø Biennale Sted Store sal

Kl. 12.00- 12.45 Lecture performance: Dance and movement – significance and meaning with Cecilie Lindeman Steen 

Kl. 13.00- 13.45 SNAKK liveartist talk: with Maria Landmark

Kl. 14.00- 15.30 Debate led by Cecilie Sachs Olsen

Dance and movement – significance and meaning

Cecilie Lindemann Steen is one of Norway's most experienced dancers. For over 30 years she has worked with most of the country's leading choreographers.

In this lecture performance, Cecilie Lindeman Steen alternately dances and talks about experiences from dancing and watching dance. In a simple way, she explains basic principles related to movement in time and space, and gives examples of how meaning can arise in dance and how dance affect us kinesthetically and physically. Steen draws on examples from both her own experiences as a dancer and of being part of the audience herself. The stories and examples are related to performances and work by several well-known Norwegian choreographers. The performance lecture is therefore also a simple dance history introduction, but is primarily created with the whis to say something about how dance in many different ways can be perceived and experienced.

“An elegant, holistic display that conveyed dance both physically and through speech, and was both academically interesting and entertaining at the same time.» Review,, 12.04.2019, Eline Bjerkan

With and by: Cecilie Lindeman Steen
Produced by: MovingStone
Photo: Dance Information Centre

SNAKK - artist talk

Led by Maria Landmark

SNAKK live is an informal talk led by Maria Landmark with four of the artists presenting their work at Bodø Biennale 2020. Here we will try to get closer to the artists' entrances to their work with place, movement and the meeting with the audience.
Artists participating in the conversation: Cecilie Lindeman Steen (Lecture performance: dance and movement – significance and meaning), Alice Slyngstad (biennial commission work Hyper Hidro Sissy), Venke Sortland/ Landing (Floating landscape) and Kay Arne Kirkebø (one of three artists behind the biennial exhibition).


Led by Cecilie Sachs Olsen

Kunst og stedsutvikling?
Urban development is often based on an ideal of economic growth that pushes aside human and environmental concerns: the house is an object of speculative investment, the streets are infrastructures for consumption, places are turned into advertising concepts to be sold to the highest bidder. At the same time we sense that change is coming: eternal economic growth is not sustainable, people and the environment have to come first. But how do we get there? And what role does the arts play in this shift?

Starting from the biennale’s two main works, and how the inhabitants of Bodø perceive these, we ask: how can artistic practice create alternative stories about urban development is and should be?

Cecilie is a postdoctoral researcher at Royal Holloway University of London, where she does research on art and urban development. She initiated the artist collective zURBS, was the chief curator of Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019, and has recently published the book “Socially engaged art and the neoliberal city”.